iTea and Biscuits

iTea and Biscuit sessions have become a regular event here at HDT since they started nearly two years ago.

The course aims to help local people get to grips with IT and technology whether they’re a silver surfer or a total beginner! Sessions are helpful and fun, covering subjects including:

  • How to get online
  • BBC iplayer and TalkTalk TV
  • Digital photographs: How to digitally view, send and print
  • Advice on buying a computer
  • Internet safety
  • Mobile phones
  • How to setup and use email
  • Internet shopping and banking
  • Kindles and iPads

The course is structured to suit all age groups and abilities. It starts with a short presentation followed by practical hands on experience with one-to-one coaching (where possible) from volunteers.

Courses usually run for 6-8 weeks and are held on a Thursday morning (10am-12pm) at Hamilton Davies House.

iTea and Biscuit Courses are very popular and have proven to be a great success! The courses are supported by: volunteers from HDT, TalkTalk, Kingsland Wines, Marks Memorials, Broughton Database and Pendleton College.

For further information, or to book a place on a future course, please call David Taylor on 0161 222 4003 or mail [email protected]. You can even pop in! 

“I have been to every course and learnt a lot. It covers the basics which I am now familiar with. I have learnt things not just from being in touch with knowledgeable people who can help with my problems, but also through others trying to find solutions to their problems. I enjoy the company and learning new things.” Ian Taylor, local resident

“There have been many benefits for me. I have learnt how to use most buttons on my computer which I knew existed but never knew what they were for, although I’m still uncertain about one or two of them. I am now able to do research and manage my contacts and photographs better than I previously could. The people who run the course give their time and very willing to explain things, which helps. I do enjoy the social side and having a chat with the people on the course.” Mike Kenwright

“I love the course, everything about it. Think I would go mad if I didn’t have anywhere to go to sort out my computer issues. I have a lot more confidence with technology now and feel confident enough to experiment.” Roy Brotherton (90 years old)