HDT on the life-saving map

We have recently become part of a local medical emergency response network after a lifesaving defibrillator (defib) machine was installed at our Liverpool Road headquarters.

The defib machine is one of seven located in the Irlam and Cadishead area that could play a vital role in treating cardiac arrest victims.

Defibs, which are about the size of a laptop computer, are used to deliver an electric shock to a person’s heart after it has stopped beating, often because of a heart attack.


Combined with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibs can restore a normal heartbeat, saving someone’s life.

Keith Hanson, First Responder explained: “Every minute a person is in cardiac arrest, their chances of survival are greatly reduced, so having a defib located nearby can, and does make the difference between life and death.”

Each defib container has a clearly visible number that emergency services asked for when someone calls 999. The emergency services then give the caller a code to open the box and access the defib.

Next, an ambulance and first responder are despatched, with the emergency services team talking the caller through the process of how to use the kit. The defib machine itself also guides the user through the procedure using vocal and visual prompts. 

As well as Hamilton Davies House, defibs are located along Liverpool Road at Irlam Social Club, Irlam Steel Cricket Club, Irlam Station (Manchester-bound platform), the Meadows, the Coach and Horses pub, and Hollins Green Community Hall.

Tony Prescott, HDT Operations Manager added: “Having these amazing machines strategically positioned potentially enables any member of our community to help save a life – or, indeed, to have their own life saved if they suffer a cardiac arrest.

 “It is pleasing and uplifting to be able to play a role in strengthening the defib network in Irlam and Cadishead.”    






Posted on: 27th February 2017